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MAPS for Maywood Park

At the October 11th HOA meeting, a majority of Owners present gave support to begin the capital improvements planning process called the MAPS for Maywood Plan, which is attached. The Plan's goal is to upgrade all of the Residential Limited Common Elements as a single package on a variable timeline. It outlines the steps needed to solicit owner input, secure approvals, determine financing, and implementation with flexible outcomes that we believe Owners will appreciate. The Plan endeavors to give Owners the chance to say what type of enhancements they want, how much the upgrades should cost, and what timeline is acceptable based on financial appetites.

The next step in the plan is the Community Engagement Event which is scheduled for November 16th at 5:30pm inside the Clubroom on the 5th floor. The final design from HSE Architects for the Rooftop Deck will be on display. Owners will have the chance to vote interactively on specific features for all projects in the plan, which will be on display boards across the Clubroom. This is a social event. Food and drinks will be provided.

We look forward to working with the Owners in this process, which is a milestone event for our Association


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