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MAPS - Final Owner Vote

The success of the MAPS plan is not dependent on whether projects pass or fail. The MAPS plan is considered a success because it exists. The Association and its owners are made better by a process that provides meaningful information, solicits owner feedback, is transparent, has a financing plan, and allows for dissenting opinion.

MAPS Final Ballot

A final vote for the MAPS projects has been sent via DocuSign to all of the owners. If you haven't received an email prompting your input please contact the Board. Each project can be voted on separately by each owner. Projects receiving 50% or more of the allocated interest are considered approved for financing and execution, while those projects receiving less than 50% of the allocated interest will not proceed under the MAPS Capital Improvement plan.

We look forward to reviewing the results of this process with the owners at the next Annual Meeting, at the end of June 2018. Happy voting!

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